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We made this section in order to familiarize you with some technical information, such as glass options available, some important window and door terms, etc. We strongly believe that if you know more about windows and doors, you will make better home-remodeling choices.

Window Options for Eichler Homes
ImageDo you want to create safe and pleasant environment for your loved ones and yourself? Would you like to increase the value of your house? Do you wish to protect your property from the elements but have a tight budget for that? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we would like to offer our advice on how to replace your floor to ceiling windows in a smart and cost-efficient way. Do not regret the lack of information after the fact – read it today and be ready to make your choice whenever you need to.
Vinyl Windows for the Rest of Your House

Image Just as any other house, besides large picture windows, any Eichler also has smaller, functional windows in its bedrooms, bathrooms and elsewhere. While these windows do not attract as much attention, they are still worth to look at if you strive for energy-efficiency. As it happens, these older windows can also cause damage to your house ans its inhabitants with cold draws (even in relatively warm California!), condensation, non-UV protective glass, insufficient security and non-conformity to the emergency egress standards. The good news are: we can bring your old windows up to the standard with these high-quality Vinyl Windows.


Types of Glass
ImageToday, window market offers you a choice of different glass types to be used in your Eichler windows and doors. From self-cleaning to obscure, these types of glass all have different features.
ImageAs with any technical topic, Eichler floor to ceiling window and door replacement has a lot of confusing and unfamiliar terms. Here we compiled a handy glossary for home owners who want to replace windows and doors.
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