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Eichlers are famous for their floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that create the feeling of lightness and open living; in fact, one can say that Eichler houses have glass walls. Everyone who has ever been inside of an Eichler home knows the benefits of these wonderful big expanses of glass. At the same time, because of their size, these windows and doors perform important functions. They help to insulate your house, safeguard it from the elements, keep street noise out, and so on. Moreover, these windows and doors have to loot appropriate and, while making a house more efficient, preserve the original spirit of an Eichler, its streamlined and elegant beauty.

Here Comes the Sun: How to Protect your Home from Solar Radiation
Invisible to the naked eye, solar radiation can cause numerous problems from furniture fading to potential health problems. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that can help you to reduce the amount of solar radiation entering your home.


A Dozen Reasons to Remodel Windows and Doors in Your Eichler

Image As we all know, not every kind of home remodeling brings equal results. Some are better for helping with one problem (say, noise insulation), others can cover multiple things. Some are more expensive, some are less expensive, but less efficient, too.

Water Condensation Problem? Solved!
ImageDo you feel like the air in your home is not fresh anymore? Are your windows foggy on the inside? Do you want an elegant solution for your problems? At Eichler Solutions we are ready to offer you a new feature that can solve water condensation and air quality problem in your home!
Sloped Roofs & Patio Doors
ImageMany people ask what makes us, at Eichler Solutions, different from other window and door vendors and contractors. The answer is, aside from flexible prices and high-quality guarantee, our innovative and unique solutions for you window and door related problems. Our Trapezoid Transom Patio Door is one of those solutions. Developed and engineered by us, it has a number of features that make it especially attractive to Eichler owners.
Pet Doors for Your Eichler

ImageAt Eichler Solutions we offer you different types of doors for your pets. Wide variety of solutions ensures that every customer will have the one that would fit his or her house perfectly. We will also offer you consultation, installation and lifetime service so that both you and your pet enjoy your new pet door from Eichler Solutions.


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