Vinyl Picture Windows

ImageEichler houses are, by definition, exclusive and elite. Yet, due to their unusual structure they require special attention in the windows and doors area. Since the typical Eichler has more window surfaces than any other house of the same size, such problems as temperature loss, noise, condensation and security become accute and require immediate solution. And this solutions is here!Image

So, how to have an exclusive and modern house without overspending in the HVAC department?

We, at Eichler Solutions, are proud to offer our premium vinyl windows and doors that will make your Eichler house more beautiful than ever, solve heating and cooling issues and much, much more.

ImageHeat loss. We offer high quality insulated double-pane glass (1/4” over 1/4”) that reduces heat loss and help homeowners to save money otherwise spent on PG&E bills.


ImageNoise reduction. Our windows prevent outside noise from getting inside the house resulting in more pleasant and happier environment.


ImageCondensation. Our quality double-glass windows and doors prevent the moisture from condensing on the glass surface thus reducing humidity inside. High humidity may lead to health problems, as well as mold and mildew growth. We are proud to make our customers healthier.


ImageSecurity. In our windows we use only the sturdy, tempered glass that serves as a trustworthy and unbreakable security barrier. And even if it breaks, there won't be any dangerous shards, only small harmless pebble-like pieces.


ImageSize. And finally, we are the only distributor of the oversize vinyl picture windows (70” x 112”). We can also produce windows in any configuration and style.

The only problem that Vinyl Picture Windows have is the thickness of their frames. Since Eichler houses are all about view and light, thick vinyl frames reduce glazing area and make your windows look smaller. In fact, some Eichler owners are agree  to install aluminum windows just to avoid this. Now, however, we are proud to present the ultimate solution to this problem - Vinyl Sash Picture Windows that combine insulation features of a vinyl window with narrow and aesthetically perfect frames.


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