Vinyl Patio Doors

ImageVinyl frames possess the best insulating qualities, which means that you will waste less money on PG&E bills. Combined with quality double-pane glass, patio doors with vinyl frames have the best price-to-quality ratio.

ImageMoreover, since Eichler houses usually have non-standard openings, not all patio doors can be made high enough to fit wall-high opening in an Eichler house. Luckily, we can offer you vinyl doors up to 9’ tall. Combine that with large picture windows and you will get that perfect look the Eichlers were designed for.


ImageSome Eichlers, however, have 10’ tall walls. For these we offer yet another solution—the door-window combination made out of 8 feet tall patio door topped by the 2 feet transom window. What’s more, these two could be put together into one frame, making their insulation even better. This architectural solution ensures weather-proof construction of the whole combination and leaves to chance to the elements.

ImageFinally, if you Eichler has a sloped roof (and a lot of them do!), you may have an irregular opening of a trapezoid form. In this case we have to separate a transom window from the door by a beam for structural reasons. Yet, this is also not bad for protect this joint with silicone insulation and aluminum coil, making it weather-proof and virtually indistinguishable from vinyl.

In short:
• We can match Vinyl Patio Doors to any opening (adding a transom window if necessary)
• Vinyl has the best insulating qualities which prevent condensation as well as growth of mold and mildew
• Vinyl doors are more budget-friendly than aluminum and will continue to save you money otherwise spent on heating and cooling.





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