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Patio Doors for Eichlers

ImageOne can say, with only a small exaggeration that patio doors are among the most important architectural elements of an Eichler. As any door, a sliding door is supposed to perform many functions. As any door, it serves to keep bad weather and unwanted visitors outside; due to its size, a patio door needs to have the same insulating features as windows. Finally, a door is used often and needs to have reliable hardware.

Not all doors can excel in all of these duties. Then, among those that can, some are excessively expensive for a budget-oriented homeowner. We, at Eichler Solutions, understand this problem well. For that reason, we present you with the choice of solutions. Do remember, however, that there is no universal solution and as each Eichler is unique, so each Eichler remodeling requires special attention and professional advice.

ImageFirst, there are Aluminum Patio Doors that share the same features as Aluminum Windows plus sturdy hardware that will ensure the door’s operability for years. Unfortunately, good aluminum doors are expensive.

Another solution involves Vinyl Patio Doors. Just as we discussed on the Vinyl Windows page, Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors offer the homeowner the whole set of benefits. Among many Vinyl Patio Door configuration, we are especially proud to present our unique Trapezoid Transom Vinyl Patio Door, developed and engineered at by our team, and available only at Eichler Solutions.

Remember that our team of professional Eichler specialists and contractors is always ready to assist you in picking the best product for your house. We will never force a decision upon you and will be happy to install any remodeling product you like.



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