Trapezoid Transom Vinyl Patio Door
ImageMany people ask what makes us, at Eichler Solutions, different from other window and door vendors and contractors. The answer is, aside from flexible prices and high-quality guarantee, our innovative and unique solutions for your window and door problems. Our Trapezoid Transom Patio Door is one of those solutions. Developed and engineered by us, it has a number of features that make it especially attractive to Eichler owners.

Eichler houses are notorious for their sloped roofs, as well as large windows and doors that go from these roofs down. This means, that instead of installing square patio doors, we have to match sloped roof-line with a sloped window/door combination.

Transom window and patio door separated by a beam
Originally it was done (by us and by other companies) by placing a trapezoid transom window on top of the patio door, separated by a structural beam. This combination was clumsy and robbed Eichler homes of their modern elegance. Moreover, this combination was easier to penetrate by the elements.

Now we have a brand new solution for this problem, our single-frame window/door combination. It combines a trapezoid transom window with a patio door in a single frame. Why a single-frame combination is better?

  • It is aesthetically more elegant and more true to the Eichler’s original idea of  glass panels.

  • Sloped trapezoid transom allows us to match any door opening with this window/door combination. This versatile design fits most Eichler houses, no matter how custom-made they are.

Single-frame combination
  • Single-frame combination, as it is clear from its name, combines transom window with a patio door in a vinyl frame. This design is less permeable for the elements (such as moisture) and is structurally stronger, as both parts of the combination are joined together by a single frame.

  • Finally, our Trapezoid Transom Patio Door is actually less expensive to install than regular patio door with a transom window above it. Since this combination window/door unit comes in one frame, it is easier to install and does not require special carpentry treatment of your opening. Less labor for the installers means less expensive remodeling project for you!

Close-up of our single-frame combination


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