Water Condensation Problem? Solved!
ImageDo you feel like the air in your home is not fresh anymore? Are your windows foggy on the inside? Do you want an elegant solution for your problems? At Eichler Solutions we are ready to offer you a new feature that can solve water condensation and air quality problem in your home! A typical human consumes about 1 cubic foot of air per minute. In effect, we are what we breathe and we want to breathe the air that is good for us, right? Unfortunately, as we exhale, we don't just introduce more carbon dioxide (CO2) into our environment, but also contribute to its humidity levels. Sure enough, we exhale only tiny amounts of water vapor at a time, but little by little, as we breath, the amount of water accumulates to a point when it starts to condensate on cool surfaces (like glass windows and doors). The smaller the room, the faster this happens.

ImageScience aside, what is wrong with water condensation and how to fix this problem? Even in relatively small spaces, we are still talking about small levels of humidity, so why bother? In fact, humid environments promote the growth of harmful micro-organisms, like mold and mildew that can harm you and your family, causing a variety of respiratory problems from allergies to asthma.

Water tends to condense on cool surfaces, like glass windows and doors. In fact you can even see it when your windows become foggy. Condensation can be solved in two ways: ventilation and insulation. To solve the problem effectively, Eichler homeowners should do both. For example, replacing your old windows or glass panels can help with insulation. As we all know, replacing single-pane windows with double-pane ones helps to fight condensation since it makes your inner window surfaces less cold and less prone to collecting water droplets from the air.

But water is still there, suspended in the air of your home. What to do? Ventilating your home often may help, but in Eichler homes this is not always an option. To help you solve this serious and potentially harmful problem, we are offering a special device, trickle ventilator or a “trickle vent,” which helps to fight stale air and condensation.

ImageHow does it work? Trickle vent creates a small opening through which air can circulate in and out of your home, taking excess moisture with it. The air literally trickles into and out of your home, creating necessary ventilation. The opening is large enough to allow circulation of air to prevent condensation but is still relatively tiny and does not compromise security. In fact, the whole device is small and is almost invisible when installed on your window frame. You must agree, that such a simple and elegant solution to your air-quality and condensation problems is a must have! What's more, at Eichler Solutions we are offering a free trickle vent with every window you buy! Get rid of condensation, stale air and foggy windows for free with trickle vents! As always, Eichler Solutions has the best solutions to all your Eichler home-improvement problems!

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